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You should checkout these…

February 1, 2010

Here are some sites/ blogs that you should checkout…

Access Church
Access’ blog
My blog

I’ll give some more links another time. But check these out. And you might ask, why do I have another blog? Well, I wanted to started moving Access specific information and thoughts to the Access blog and my broader reflections on life, food, leadership, faith, and family on my blog. So I’d love it if you stopped by

See you soon!


Don’t Miss This Sunday’s UpStreet!

January 27, 2010

Hey parents! This is just a heads up that if you have kids that are in k-5th grade, you’re going to want them and as many of their friends as you can pile into the truckster to be down on UpStreet this Sunday.

I’m not kidding! This Sunday UpStreet is putting on a full-length, one hour, feature production full of games, sketches, music, a Scottish guy rapping, and an incredible introduction to February’s Big Idea: honor.

So spread the word. Have your kids invite a friend or ten to spend the night on Saturday night, get a couple pizzas for dinner, play some Wii, watch a movie, and then wake them all up on Sunday, and bring them to UpStreet.

Doors open at 10:25 at the main doors of the theater. See you there!!

Have you ever regretted giving

January 25, 2010

Kristen and I pulled up to a stop light the other day. There was a couple sitting at the curb begging for money. Before the light turned green, we were able to give them $6 and two chick-fil-a coupons (for free meals). They smiled and off we went.

Then I had the thought, I wonder if they’re going buy drugs or a beer with the money. (Hey, I’m just being honest about my thoughts here… don’t judge). I figured that I was supposed to give, and that it was up to them what they did with.

So my question is this: have you ever regretted giving money to someone or some charitable organization? Have you ever found yourself worse off for being generous?

I want to teach my children to be generous for more reasons than they “ought to”, but because of how generosity changes the world and it changes me.

Speaking at Church of The Palms

January 14, 2010

A few months ago, I had the chance to speak at Church of The Palms, in Sarasota, FL. It was a service on Sunday evening to install one of my best and long-time Friends, Tim, as their pastor.

To view the message, click HERE. The message starts at 5:55. Just a warning: if you’re a UT Volunteer, the first few minutes may sting a little.

I loved the opportunity to communicate at this event because Tim and I have had a great friendship, the congregation was a ton of fun, and I had the chance to share a few biblical principles about ministry.

You can also go HERE to see a few other messages that I have given at Access Church about being “involved” and the “orange philosophy” of family ministry.


January 14, 2010

I started reading a new book yesterday. It’s called “Counterfeit Gods: the empty promises of money, sex, power, and the only hope that matters”. It’s by Tim Keller. I’m just getting going on the book, but it is phenomenal so far. Keller is so smart, yet so accessible. This book couldn’t be more timely for where we are as a society.

If you want to see what else I have been reading, you can take a look at my GoodReads account. If you’ve never used GoodReads and love reading, you should jump in and give it a try. It’s a really good site that allows you to see what friends are reading and what they like/ dislike.

Have you read Counterfeit Gods? I’d love your thoughts. Want to read it together and talk about it? Have any suggestions for my 2010 reading list I could add?

Throwing out our microwave

January 11, 2010

So, I’m tossing out our microwave. That’s a picture of it completely dismantled and sitting next to the garbage cans in the garage.

Our staff is wrapping up a book we’ve been reading togother called “Influencer: The Power To Change Anything.” I’ll give a review soon, but let’s just say that’s a really bold title!

One of the last chapters talks about how physical environments affect behavior. It goes on to say that what seems like positive developments in our environments don’t always translate to positive actions or results.

One example they site that communication and strong family bonds have been breaking down over the last few decades. There are all kinds of reasons, but one they looked at is the decline in families eating dinner together. Seems logical. But guess what the reason is for not eating together? The microwave!

The microwave has allowed for single serving meals to be prepared at any time allowing family members to eat when and where they want. Contrast this to meals that must be cooked as one larger meal, and then eaten at one time.

How often does your family eat the same meal at the same time at the same table together? Who is in for the “4N7 Challenge”? Four meals together in seven days.

ps-I didn’t toss the microwave because of this article. We got a new microwave and it the old is just waiting to go to the curb.

Flynt Family 2010 Theme- Ways to be simple

January 7, 2010

If you’re just popping on for the first time or haven’t been around in a while, we’re talking about “simplicity”- my family’s theme for 2010.

The question I’ve been thinking about is: how can I be simple?

Time with God:
Kristen and I have been doing the same Bible reading plans for years. Last year (the whole year on five books) was Old Testament poetry and wisdom literature. This year we are simplifying things down to spending the year with Jesus in the gospels. We’re reading a chapter a day starting in Matthew. Doesn’t get much more simple than that.

Professionally: From the church angle (maybe a marketplace job for you), I’ve been asking a question of “focus” to bring simplicity, effectiveness, and power. When we launched our church, there were a lot of things that all of us on staff had to do because they needed done. As we’ve grown though, we are gaining traction with more and greater leaders. So, what are the things that only I can do or that I do that are the best of my gifts and skills? What can others around me do (probably better than me)? How can I focus on those things I do best and leverage them for the greater mission?

One of my brothers suggested relational simplicity. Can I get an amen! If you’re single and want to date someone, why play games? Just ask them out. If you’ve made a mistake, just admit it. If you tend to keep secrets (even small ones), why not be more honest? We tend to complicate relationships under the guise of trying to keep things simple. What if we just kept things simple relationally?

How can you keep it simple this year? How would this apply with our children?